We came together inspired by the idea of building a new form of workshop where we design and build new lifestyle products in partnership with the best craftsmen in the world, reviving and fostering their traditional manufacturing techniques.

The Process


Tradition Discovery





Roberto Scaccia, Co-Founder and Lead Product Design

Born and raised in Italy with a family of all-around crafters, Roberto was deeply influenced by the art of shoemaking of his grandfather. Since moving to the Bay Area he has successfully launched several tech and retail companies. OMAST represents the perfect combination of his skills and passions.

Roberto is in charge of vision, execution and growth of the overall OMAST brand and each of their products.

“OMAST is my idea of an advanced workshop where tradition is enhanced by new materials and a modern sense of aesthetic. A place where technology inspires storytelling. The ultimate mission is the creation of beauty along with the desire to foster a sustainable way of building things.”

Luca Agea, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

Luca is a Brand and Product Designer, born and raised in Rome, Italy. His passion for design and  branding led him to live and work in Madrid and Dublin before moving to Boston in 2009, where he founded MVPBLD, a brand and product design shop for startups.

He is the Creative director at OMAST, responsible for developing both the online as well as offline visual communication for the OMAST brand and products.

“OMAST represents the perfect intersection of everything I am passionate about: my country, whose culture is deeply rooted in one the richest set of craft traditions in the world; my work, where an inspired design-thinking process is the essence of all the technological products I have built throughout my entire career.”


Simone Petrarca,
Manufacturing Director

Simone was born in Vercelli, the capital of the Province of Vercelli, in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Simone is a self-taught mechanic engineer, a perfect example of Italian ingenuity and inventiveness. 

Throughout his entrepreneurial career Simone has been able to combine a deep passion for craftsmanship with his technical skills, he has successfully founded and managed a company specialized in the implementation of sophisticated automated assembly systems and machinery for the flourishing industrial sector of the northern part of Italy.

He has recently sold his company and since then he has being advising and consulting for large industrial groups.

“For me OMAST represents an opportunity to contribute on a project that aims to foster craftsmanship while exploring innovative ways to centralize the manufacturing and designing phases of luxury products..excited to see the amazing innovations that will come out the OMAST workshop!”

Matt McGil,
VP of Marketing

Matt was born in Muncie, Indiana, a town famous for Ball mason jars and Garfield the cat.

He is a digital marketing veteran that founded a dynamic marketing agency in San Francisco in 2009.

He has diligently served clients including UnitedHealthcare, AARP, PayPal, BleacherReport, Hipmunk, and numerous other premier brands. Matt brings immense experience in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Social.

He enjoys spending time in wine country and can’t go more than a few days without a great latte. 

“OMAST represents an opportunity to bring something truly innovative into the US marketplace in terms of both fashion and function. The company is resurrecting quality and style at a time when consumers are in desperate search of products with soul.”

Brendan Callhan,
VP of Engineering

Brendan was born in Syracuse, New York, a land of snow and salt potatoes. (“They’re better than they sound”, he says.)

While studying neuroscience at MIT, he discovered that his true passion was in development of new products and technologies. His past experience includes smart wearables, robotics, and game design.

In his spare time, he mods and restores vintage electronic equipment, and reads ancient and historical literature.

“OMAST for me is a chance to contribute to redefining a lifestyle with a rich modern history, on a tried-and-true foundation of solid design principles.”

Products in the Pipeline