O’MAST is a word that in the Neapolitan dialect means Il Maestro “The Master” and it is used to refer to people with a great talent in the arts or activities that require the use of the hands (cooks, artisans, makers etc)

OMAST is a new form of workshop where timeless lifestyle products will be designed and built anew in partnership with the best craftsmen in the world. Our team is dedicated to bringing authentic, classic, and beautiful handmade products with a modern twist to the US. The first OMAST product line includes four models (the Corsa, Lusso, Strada, and Viaggio) of hand-built Italian bicycles created with century old techniques and crafted with modern cues. Each bike is built for style and utility while providing a different look and feel that embraces a wide variety of personalities. These hyper-curated bikes include a Brooks saddle, front and rear lights, racks, and aligning accessories emulating the spirit of the bike. The signature colors for the first line of OMAST bikes were inspired by the colors of vintage racing cars and are available in all matte: midnight blue, black-brown, gray, or light cream.
OMAST bicycles are built in our family-owned factory located right outside of Milan, Italy, where generations of skilled artisans have preserved and perfected the timeless traditions of Italian craftsmanship for over 100 years. The uniqueness of the process is based on 95% human-powered manufacturing combined with the ability to produce bikes in small batches. From frame building to coloring and assembling, everything is done in-house, only outsourcing locally for a few components. For example, the spokes for each bike wheel are assembled manually because there isn’t a machine in the world that can match the process of doing it by hand.
While OMAST bicycles are optimized for urban riding, the Lusso and Viaggio were designed with adventurers in mind and were built to easily go off-road. The Corsa and Strada are best for city riding and are not recommended for off-road use.
Yes. All OMAST bicycles come with a limited warranty– check it out here.
Part of OMAST’s mission is staying true to the traditions and techniques of the skilled craftsmen we partner with to produce authentic and high-quality products. The factory where our bicycles are built has been handcrafting steel frames for 150 years, and steel-framed bikes are very commonly seen riding through the streets of Milan. While most modern bicycle manufacturers choose to use carbon, titanium, and aluminum frames, we believe that steel is the best possible material for producing a bike frame that’s durable, highly responsive, and that provides an unparalleled riding experience. Compared to aluminum, titanium, and carbon, steel is exceptional when it comes to its strength-to-weight ratio, lasting durability, and resistance to wear and tear.
The Corsa has an external derailleur (a type of shifting mechanism) because it was designed to pay homage to the classic vintage racing bicycles. While this component makes the Corsa more vulnerable to environmental damage, it only requires a small amount of additional maintenance that’s well worth the authentic style and amazing ride it provides.